Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Hey There Hypocrisy

If that's even your real name!

I gained today. Up to 195.4. Not going to even talk about it. Because after everything that I posted about yesterday, guess what I did?

After work, I went grocery shopping, and realized I was hungry and wanted to workout. I could have gotten an apple, or even a bag of popcorn or pretzels to satisfy me.

Nope, I got Reeses. And then after that when I realized I had forgotten to grab pumpkin, I stopped at Walgreens, and grabbed some fig newtons. Because my heart burn was outrageous yesterday, and the reeses didn't help. I also grabbed some diet ginger ale.

I tried to estimate how many calories. It wasn't easy, and to be honest, it doesn't matter, because I know I went over.

I did work out, even if it was only 20 minutes, it was something.

So at this point I can do two things:

1. Feel sorry for myself, fall off further, and never fully get out of this funk and have another 6 months where I'll be on one week and off the next.

2. Feel bad for myself, then move on. Buy healthy snacks for work, and focus on being 100% OP this week.

I'm going to go with number two. Here is the feel bad part:
-I'm wearing my sisters old jeans, and they fit funny. And are low, which is making me feel bloated and large. I'm having major digestive issues (probably from the lack of fruit in my diet) and am PMSing like crazy. Which doesn't help things. I'm tired as that effing wind storm woke me up last night. I had more fig newtons for breakfast because I was running late.  Luckily there are worse things to binge out on. I still can't believe how hypocritical I acted yesterday, posting about everything and then giving in not even 3 hours later. Sucks.

Ok, done with. Over. I'm putting it out there. Tracking my weight. Owning up to everthing.
Plan for week
Fridayegg & english muffinLeftoversAsian Peanut Noodles ( ST)AM yoga
SaturdayEnglish mufinburrito bowl stir frywalk with dog/Matt
Sundayegg/ english muffinn/a, small snack during dayunsure- at parentsAM video
Mondayegg/hashbrown cups (EB)Ziti Spinach Pasta Bake (ST)Carne Guisada (Beef Stew, ST), ricegym-cardio/strength
Tuesdayegg/hashbrown cups (EB)Ziti Spinach Pasta Bake (ST)Pulled Pork Sandwiches (CYSFD), sweet potato fries, saladGym- cardio
Wednesdayegg/hashbrown cups (EB)Ziti Spinach Pasta Bake (ST)Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps (EB)AM Video- strength/yoga
Thursdayegg/hashbrown cups (EB)Ziti Spinach Pasta Bake (ST)Steak and cheeses (with leftover stew beef), oven fries, snap peasgym-cardio/strength

I may give myself an extra day off next week. Maybe Tuesday. We'll see. I'd rather plan for more than plan for less and not meet them all. But I am very excited for the meal planning. BTW
ST-Skinny Taste
EB- Emily Bites
CYSFD-Can you stay for dinner?

Happy Thursday! I'll be on plan this weekend, but I plan on enjoying my date night tomorrow night. Matt is cooking me noodles and then we are going to our favorite bar. I'm excited!

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