Friday, December 23, 2011

You Know What Stinks?

When you work out 4 times, eat within your calories, and resist temptation

and you gain.

I was up to 197.4 today. I decided to switch my WI's to Friday again, but we'll get to that.

And I know, when you implement healthy habits, it might take awhile for your body to start losing, and for this to be reflected in the scale.

But that doesn't make seeing that high of a number any easier. I mean I had soup for dinner last night. Soup and a roll. (It was a filling soup haha). I had calories left over! I didn't even work out (Took a rest day),

But instead of eating my feelings, I did the 30 day shred. It wasn't the best workout (I hate level 3, the moves just don't work right for me), but I burnt 200 calories before work, so I'm not going to complain about that!I did treat myself to a bagel, but opted for light cream cheese and took most of it off before eating it. Back to basics :-)

Wednesday night Matt and I went to AT&T and took the plunge, got rid of my old contract and got a new smartphone. It's pretty and takes awesome pictures, so my blog will be a little better from it, I think :-)

Mini goals:
Meal plan:
B- Bruggers Bagel with 2 tbsp light veggie cream cheese (365)
L- unsure, probably a ceasar salad? Or maybe a light sandwich (between 400-500)
D- stew of some sort at home (I'll track before, don't go over 500)
A- 30 day shred (200)
S- wine! hopefull no more than 250-300 calories worth

B english muffin and an egg with cheese (300 calories)
L- light snack (200 calories)
D- apps with Matt's family, planning to stick to around 700-800 calories
A- gym with sister (hopefully a solid 800-900 calorie workout)
S- a few drinks :-) Plan to stay under 500

Today I'm going to:
-stick to my plan
-Only have a few glasses of wine tonight
-focus on my portions

This Weekend I'm going to:
 -Work out, at least once on Saturday
-Moderate my drinks
-Focus on portion control and opt for healthy things
- Enjoy Christmas :-)

I'm working on my resolutions. But really, they are more goals for the next year. I'll post them next week :-) One is going to be to get rid of these last 35-40 pounds and hit my freaking goal!

Merry Christmas!!

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