Thursday, September 30, 2010

my poor knee

So I think a combo of sitting on a bus for 10 plus hours with my legs in the upright position and running monday and working the eliptical tuesday gave me a weird feeling in my knee.

Wednesday my knee started to feel kind of sore. I decided to take the night off of work. The pain intensified, and became more of a pressure under my knee cap. This morning I felt stiff but definitely better, but once the IB profen started to wear off  the pain was right back, if not worse :-( I bought an icy hot pack and an ace bandage, and am resting tonight, hoping the pain will be gone tomorrow.

Anyways, Last weekend was a blast. I went to New Jersey to visit my London friends. The bus ride down sucked, our 4 hour bus ride ended up being 6, due to ridiculous drivers. But after that it was great. We drank a lot, we ate a lot (sadly, I definitely kept WW in the back of my mind though and could have done  a LOT worse), and laughed even more. Really good weekend :-)

Coming up this weekend BF and I are having a romantic getaway :-) We're going to Portsmouth NH for saturday night, and going to the beer fest up there, and then going out, getting drunk, and spending time together, its going to be awesome :-)

Then I have next week off!!! I'm so tired right now, so I'm at a loss what to talk about, but I promise I'll update sooner rather than later :-)

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