Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm seeing them more and more around me. But first things first:

Last weigh in on Friday, I was down 1.5. Super psyched! Sadly, I did not make use of that into the weekend.

Confessional time
In all honesty, I wasn't THAT bad. Saturday night I had fish with little roasted potatoes, and I drank, but not excessively. (3 drinks, one was very low point). I tracked everything, and while my friend J's mom was offering me sweet after sweet, I tried each of them and then refused any more. And sunday I had a lovely egg with veggies, and low calorie toast.

But I did snack, more than I should have
I didn't work out as much as I should have
And Friday night, and drank and ate more than I should have (were talking 6 + drinks, albeit low point but still, and then pizza, and then leftover roasted turkey. I',m such a weird drunk eater)
Then today, I couldn't resist that pumpkin donut this morning :-( or eating out for lunch instead of going to the store like I KNOW i should have. Tomorrow, no excuses! I'm going to buy a low point lunch for the rest of the week. All things set aside, I did only go into 1 of my weeklies today, but I don't feel good about what I ate, you know?

That's what is weird, like as of right now, I don't feel like I've had a good week, but on paper, I haven't had a bad one. Besides the donut this morning, and the drunk eating on Friday (which I tracked, and wasn't THAT bad. I've definitly done worse), I haven't had any other slip ups, and both of those worked into my weeklies.

I had a good weekend though, BF and I went to see this band in Davis Square, at the Rosebud Grill. I drank Gin Seltzer Cranberry's all night, I didn't have one beer! And I wasn't hung over the next day :-) Both the band and the band that played before them were really good, and it was only a 5 dollar show! A great night.

Saturday I hung out with two of my oldest friends, we will call them J1 and J2 The J's and I have been friends since high school, one of them since I was 8. They are definitely two people that I trust a lot, because no matter the tiffs we get into or anything, they are good people, and good friends. We went to J2's parent's house and her mom made us drinks and played balderdash with us. IT was a lot of fun :-) I was so tired though, I took a nap in the afternoon, which threw me off.

Sunday I did some work and then went to the gym with my friend JH. She and I took turns showing each other the moves we normally do at the gym, I won't lie, I am HURTING today. We spent a solid hour doing weights and then a half hour doing cardio, very different than my normal gym routine. But a lot of fun :-) I felt awesome after that workout, even though I am paying for it today, I figure tomorrow I can take a walk after work, and Wednesday be back to working out.

I'm really frustrated with my working out lately. Even Sunday, we went to the gym and I tried to run, and was exhausted after 5 minutes. I did 20 two weeks ago!! I'm going to attribute sunday to the fact that we worked out for a solid hour before I started to run, and the past few weeks to the fact that I've been kind of burnt out. Doing pretty much the same thing over and over again gets sort of tiring, and I was loosing my motivation. I took last week off from any gym activity, and just walked and did videos. Sunday even I felt a bit better running (my knee was starting to ache too), which motivated me a lot more, I think I just tried to make myself do too much. I'm going to try again on Wednesday, and maybe do an outdoor run on the weekend, that may get me going!

Rest of the week: Tomorrow is Trivia at this bar with amazing burgers. I know, after talking about how I feel like I hav ebeen failing, I'm going to this place? But it's been months since I did trivia, and I did the math out, if I limit myself to half my meal (which the portions are huge, I should be ok) it is only 12 points, so as long as I'm careful during the day, I should be ok, and able to splurge here!

Wednesday is Girls night, which is just watching a movie, occasionally we drink, but I'll decline. I've gotten better at that lately. Thursday I'm babysitting for the first time for a family nearby. I'm pretty excited, It'll be a regular job, which will be nice.

This coming weekend should be easy to stay OP, Friday night I'm not sure of my plans, but DBF and I are cooking, and then Saturday I'm babysitting, so here's to a renewed motivation!!!

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