Friday, September 17, 2010


So I gained this week, 2 pounds. I don't think they are actually "2 pounds". I cheated a lot , I know that, but I don't think I did two pounds worth of damage. I tracked everything, When I cheated it was small portions of bad stuff, not binges, and even though I didn't work out a lot, I still worked out 2 X. Better than nothing. I think going out to eat last night and the wine hurt me more than I thought. That, and I was a candy queen last week, being on my TOM.
ahh well :-)

At first, It was the worst morning ever. I woke up late, I gained 2 pounds, but after I had time to digest it, and I combated entering my weight into the tracker, I realized that this may be what I need. Lately I've been so on and off plan, that's not how you follow WW. I've been saying that I'm going to be back on plan, and will be for a week, and then I make poor choices. I had one of the best workouts in the past month on Wednesday, and i think it's because I didn't build it up in my mind, you know?

So Plan for the week:
-Plan for EVERYTHING. Try not to cheat this, and if I do, TRACK. no late night drunk munchies :-)
-work out today, sunday, monday (if I'm not too sore), Wednesday and thursday. Maybe saturday depending on how much time I have.
-eat in, eat wholesome foods, try and focus on getting in my health guidelines, not what i WANT to eat.

Hopefully I'll have good news next week :-)

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  1. I'm sorry you're bummed out with the scale. When I see a gain like that I take a look at how carefully I'm logging my calories. I go through phases where I get pretty lazy with it and that's usually when I see a gain.

    Also, if it's the time of the month I can gain like 5 pounds!

    Hang in there!