Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm a sucker for

Eating out. It truly is my downfall. I was SUPPOSED to babysit tonight, but the mom got sick and cancelled. So I call BF, who has the night off, and tell him we have a night together :-) he suggests going out to eat, I immediately say sure! Bah!

Normally, not a big deal. But my muscle pain took me away from the gym on Monday, and my hungover exhaustion led me to sleep instead of workout on Saturday, so I only have two days in this week. :-( And it's weigh in tomorrow. I did convince him to get wine instead of beer, thats good, right?

ahh well, you only live once, And I'm going to use the excuse that A. BF and I NEVER go out to eat. Like seriously, we prefer to save money and go out for drinks. B.I can use this as a chance to work on portions!


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