Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Isn't that what they call right now? those last few weeks before school starts and the fall air comes in. Last week was so muggy and blah, then the hurricane brought in crazy winds this weekend, so the days have been perfect and the nights have been cold! but hey,I'll take cold over muggy and gross anyday.

Anyways, Last weekend was great, it was awesome to see Danielle, We went to her family home in southampton, we beached, we pooled, we drank, and we ate. I was good about moderation, tried to fill up on salads and stuff, while still indulging on some food (her mom made pork parmeasan, it was fantastic). IT was a great distraction from life, and a great way to end the summer.

Monday morning I woke up with a great big smile on my face :-) Picked up the Matt at the airport, it was weird, we did the whole LD thing for almost 2 years while I was at school, and I would go weeks without seeing him. I guess we've just gotten a lot closer than we were back then, because I missed him like crazy. It was great to see him :-)

Tuesday I did something I hadn't done in a long time, I went grocery shopping for my lunches. I  bought a ton of salad stuff, veggie burgers, fresh cheese, and a ton of fruit. It was great, I felt so satisfied at work, was never tempted to eat out (except friday, but hey I had a good WI, so I treated myself to the best turkey sandwich out there!)

This weekend too, I've been careful with my eating, slowly and thoughtfully, trying my hardest to be OP. It feels great :-) I also had an awesome workout yesterday, and plan on going to the gym with Matt tomorrow, which will help me stay on plan this week. I'm realizing that part of this "Wall" I hit is that I was so focused on that 5x a week, I was tiring myself out. 4x and walking outside of this is the best for me, If I do more than that, great, and if I don't, then I know where to improve next time.

I'm also looking into 5ks to sign up for, because I know that this wall I'm hitting with running has nothing to do with my ability, I did 20 minutes, I know I can move forward from that, I think it's not having to do it. If I don't move on to the next level then nothing happens, but if I have a race to work towards, it might give me the jump I need. I'm also going to work towards moving my running outside. It's getting cooler out now, less humid, and that may help to not have to be in a gym on a treadmill, you know?

I'll check in soon!!

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