Thursday, October 7, 2010

Planned vacations always go awry, don't they?

So I took off this week from work, mainly because I felt like I needed a break. I was getting burnt out, making stupid mistakes, etc. I also had to have a gastroscopy on Monday, and would have had to take a day or two off anyways.

So Recap: Last WI I lost 1.5, which was exciting!! I didn't have the best week, but I could have done a lot worse, and was pretty happy with my effort and results.

So Last weekend I went to portsmouth with the boyfriend, we had a gorgeous hotel room, and went to the NH beer fest. It was a lot of fun, I definitely drank more than I should have, but it was a lot of fun :-) We were home by 11, just because we had drank so much at the festival we couldn't go out any more :-) Unfortunetly I dropped my phone in the GAP, fully killing it :-( I had to wait till today for a new one, which sucked. but at least I got one, right?

Then we get to the beer fest, and my camera was broken!! I have the worst luck, because following this:

Monday, we were supposed to stay in portsmouth an extra night, but they scheduled my gastroscopy for Monday, so we had to leave after 1 night. So monday BF and I planned to hang out, watch a bunch of movies, relax, etc. We got 20 minutes into our first episode of dexter, when the power went out. FOR 9 HOURS. then my computer started to act funny and the two movies we rented completely disapeared. I still cannot find them anywhere. At one point I just started to cry a bit, I was so frustrated

I did work out Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday this week, which could be better, but definitely could be worse. My knee has been hurting me a lot, but it is starting to feel ok (I worked out today with little discomfort), I'm glad I had taken some time off from working out hardcore, I feel like I helped protect myself from serious injury.

I went to a concert last night, to see the hold steady, which is one of my favorite bands. It was seriously hands-down the best concert I have ever been to. The singer was so energetic and lively, it was a LOT of fun :-)

WI tomorrow, going dancing on Saturday, and T-minus 2 weeks till my bday!! I had a goal of loosing 30 by my birthday (I started really working on my weight loss in April, so around my birthday would be 6 months. ) I am currently at 232, and while I may not have a great WI this week (I'm hoping for NOT a gain) I think the next 2 weeks could help me at least get close to my goal of 228. 4 pounds, Even if I hit 2-3 down by then I'll be happy :-)

I'll probably update soon

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