Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Food Love

So one thing that I'm assuming helped me gain all the weight is my love of two things: Bread and Cheese (We'll talk cheese later). Growing up, I would eat slice after slice of both. My favorite hangover remedy is bread and butter, or a delicious grilled cheese sandwich

So starting Weight Watchers, I would think that most poeple would probably agree, those are the two things that can really rack up the calories. I tried to find lower calorie options, that would still allow me to eat them.

unfortunetly, most low calorie breads and  cheeses don't taste very good. My sister and i found this awesome LF shredded mozzarella at Trader Joes, and most low fat mozzarella in general isn't bad. I can't stand low fat cheddar cheese, and most low calorie breads (including sandwich thins) taste awfully papery.

Thankfully I found bagel thins, seriously my favorite ever. I would make amazing sandwiches using these guys instead of bread. After about 3 months of this though, I got burnt out. (As you can imagine). I switched to Salads, which already I get burnt out very easily (I can only handle so much lettuce!)

So I've been asking around , and finally I've found the one thing to help me out of my sandwich rut:

Calise Deli Slims

Here's the backstory (yes, I have a bread backstory)
Growing up, I ate this brand ALL THE TIME. they have the best sandwich rolls, such awesome flavor. But when I seriously started to try and lose weight, I had to cut them out. (minus the rare time that I would basically say fuck it and have a delicious turkey sandwich on one ). about a week ago, I saw these on my kitchen counter, so I ask my sister if they are good. Her eyes seriously widened, and she goes "omgyes".

So I bought them. none of the cardboardy feel, they are super moist and taste just like the big ones. Except they are thinner. I put a chicken patty (Perdue italian baked ones. Amazingness) and loaded up the veggies, and ate that bad boy up. It was sooo good, and now I can eat sandwiches again!

I'll do a life update later this week :-*

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