Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rainy days definetly get you down

I started to post a blog yesterday, and got about a paragraph in writing about how sad I was with DBF being away, (we got into a fight Monday night because I called at 4am thinking it was 8 there. I lived in london for 4 months, how do I mess up the time difference. but he got really angry bc it was his grandmas funeral in a few hours)wah wah wah. I deleted it, and am starting fresh today, with a happier perspective. It's Wednesday, which means it's almost Friday! I am going to visit my friend danielle this weekend. Former roomate from college, and one of my best friends/ favorite people. I love her because we are so similar, so whenever I am feeling ridiculous, or am having a moment, I can call or text her and spill everything out, and she has never judged me, or gotten on a high horse. Her response is always something like "Oh my god I did the same thing last week" or "ugh I totally know what you mean, its the worst feeling". It's nice to have a friend that you can always rely on to not judge you, and to listen to your problems. Unfortunetly I've realized that a lot of my friends are really judgy sometimes. Like if I had told one of my friends J what DBF said to me, she would probably say "marie I think thats really unhealthy, you need to tell him to NOT talk to you like that, I think he's abusive blah blah blah" (I'm still a little bitter, about a year ago she did tell me he was abusive, because he called me a biatch when I was BEING a biatch. believe me, if you had seen the way I was acting that night, you woulda called me one too :-) )

Anyways. so visiting a good friend this weekend, who when I asked if I could come (I'll be honest, I didn't want to spend the weekend at home waiting for DBF to call, or hanging out with our mutual friends) without hesitation said absolutely. Then Monday I am leaving work at 4, and picking up DBF at the airport!!

Anyways. This week wasn't bad. I had the wedding on Saturday, which was beautiful, and an awesome time :-) I also only had a few drinks, and half my dinner, so I was happy with myself. Plus I think I danced off everything I put in haha. This week where I have been kind of sad, and it has been raining literally cats and dogs, I've been eating out for lunch (no food at home, and I really just don't wanna treck to the grocery store.). I've been making good choices though, yesterday I got this amazing buffalo mozzarella salad. De-licious.

Week 20 results (8/20/10) down 1.0, which I'm good with! The thing is, even when I make a poor choice, I realize I'm making it. I need to surround myself with better options, so I'm not tempted.

I've also made strides with C25K, I am now on week 6 day 2, the 10 3 10 run. I've decided I am going to stick with this guy, do it tomorrow night and maybe sunday when I get back, or over the weekend (her apartment does have a gym), and then Tuesday or Wednesday when I run again, I will do the 25 minute one. I don't know why this scares me so much, I did the 20, it was hard, but I felt amazing after (granted I took 2 30 second breaks, at the 10 and 15 minute marks. I was thirsty!!) I downloaded some new workout songs, so hopefully that will help. I think I'm starting to get bored.

Here is to an OP week, and a great WI!!

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