Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm Baaack!!!

  • Vacation. Was. Awesome. Once I get my pictures sorted I'll update in full, but it was really, really fun, and exactly what I needed
  • I ate too much, drank a lot, and didn't work out. Thankfully San Francisco has a LOT of hills, and we walked everywhere over our trip, so When I peeked on Monday I was only up two pounds. I had fun, it was worth it
  • My official weigh in this morning was 205.0, which is up around 3.5. I'm owing a lot to that to the fact that I don't move without wincing. The one downside from taking a week off. Meh
  • I did (as seen in my sore, sore legs) get right back on the Workout train. I couldn't on Monday, and over the weekend I was just too busy getting unpacked/going to bridal showers etc. But Tuesday morning I dragged my ass out of bed and got my workout in. And then on Thursday I did it again. Not perfect, but still, felt pretty good to get myself right back on that wagon :-) 
  • Starting fresh, my workout schedule for my week (starting fresh): Today I went to the gym, so starting tomorrow:
    • Walk/Run (or at least try!) on Friday
    • Saturday-Hiking
    • Sunday-Rest/walk
    • Monday- walking
    • Tuesday-gym
    • Wednesday-Rest/walk
    • Thursday-Gym
  • It's tough coming back from vacation, but I'm slowly easing back into everything. And, while it was awesome, I missed home, and my little life and schedule. So it's good to be back :)

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