Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Happened?

  • I got sick
  • Like real sick. My glands were popping out of my neck like tennis balls. And my throat felt awful. It all started on Saturday, I got up early to go shopping with two friends (the Banana outlet had crazy sales!). I felt rough, but Matt and I had a few beers the night before, so I attributed it to that. Cut to me feeling like I was going to pass out in the line, and it just got worse from there. Swollen glands, sore throat, resting the rest of Saturday, Sunday and then again Monday morning when I woke up feeling worse (if that was possible!). My doctor called it "adnoiditis". I call it taking the train to work with gross people. I went to the store and bought orange juice, the antibiotics, and hand sanitizer, for my train rides going forward haha. 
  • I'm finally feeling back to normal today. My throat isn't hurting as much, and I don't feel like passing out because I'm so tired
  • I haven't worked out since last Thursday, but I gave myself a break since I'm sick. I plan on heading back to the gym tomorrow.
  • I still lost two pounds today, which might be because with my sore throat I couldn't eat fast, and got fuller faster haha. But I'm back within a pound and a half of where I was before vacation, which was uplifting :) hopefully that continues!
  • Matt has a bachelor party this weekend (people say all your friends start getting married at the same time, its really true. This is his second this month!), so I'm hosting a girls night tomorrow. I bought some wine for my friends from Sonoma Valley, and am making some truffles and dips. It should be a fun, low key good time :)
My basic plan for the next week:
Thursday- Rest
Friday-video (unless I get out of work early enough to hit up the gym)
Saturday- Gym
Sunday- walking/cardio workout
Tuesday- Gym AM
Wednesday- off
Thursday- AM Gym

Eating plan is TBD, but It'll be healthy, I promise!

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