Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anything else?

By Friday, I finally felt completely back to normal. I no longer had golf balls sticking out of my throat, and it didn't feel on fire. I did the 10-6 circuit training workout from Peanut Butter Fingers, I expected it to be tough, but I didn't make it past round 3 and burnt 300 calories haha. Definietly doing that guy again.

Unfortunately, I hosted a girls night that night, where I got really drunk and suffered from a godawful hangover the following day. And of course I slept on my hip weird, so now my other hip is hurting me like crazy. If its not one thing, its another, right? Argh. I probably could have forced a workout today, but the fact that walking was hard deterred me.

So instead of hitting up the gym and working out as planned, I've sat on my ass and ate all weekend (and caught up on Pretty Little Liars. That last episode pissed me off. You don't just LEAVE stuff like that on the table!)

I haven't been terrible.  And, I tracked everything, but I totally feel chunky and low with my stupid hip pain. Here's hoping its gone by tomorrow :-/ I'm planning on getting back on track, health permitting, we shall see. I'll tell you one thing, I would be a neurotic mess if I lived alone. With Matt away all weekend, I've been jumpy, and last night didn't help:
I got out of babysitting at 2am, and was exhausted. I was walking up to my building in the rain, and glanced over to the bushes. Hiding behind the brick of the building was a tall girl in green shorts. I freaked out and ran inside, convinced she was going to follow me or something. But holy shit! How scary is that? I couldn't fall asleep for like an hour I was shaking so bad :-/

And with that, my plan for the week:

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