Monday, October 15, 2012


That's a good way to describe the past two weeks. To recap
  • I really am going to post more, I promise
  • I got back on the workout wagon, after all the sickness left and my hip started to feel better. My eating (admittedly) hasn't been the best. Lots of sneaking and drinking, and giving into temptation. Not okay. 
  • Matt's friend got married last Friday. It was a lot of fun, but a lot of food and drink :) And I wish I could say I worked out to make amends, but I didn't. I was too hungover from a solo wine party on Thursday night to do anything but lie on the couch on Friday, and Saturday I was just damn tired, and had a TON of cleaning to do (which I did)
  • I did work out Wednesday and Thursday of last week, and Sunday (so yesterday). Running total for this week so far (Thurs-Wed): 1550, so I should hit my 2000 goal
  • I didn't work out today, I was tired, and not feeling great, and just wanted to lie on the couch. And honestly? Sometimes you need to lie on the couch :) I am going to bed early tonight and getting up at 6 to workout tomorrow morning, and going to do something on Wednesday morning too :-) So I'll get my 4 days in
  • I tracked everything I ate today, honestly. And I was 400 in the hole. Sort of eye opening, and I think the big problem is my snacks. I'm eating a lot of processed foods, which aren't filling me properly. I'm spending tonight looking up healthy snacks :)
So As of my last weigh in (week before last) I was at 202. Which is down 3 from vacation a month ago. But I need to get back on track, because I'm tired of being overweight. I want to be "normal", and stop making excuses when people tell me how great I look, and instead say "Oh, thanks!"

I want to be able to run without XYZ hurting me because of the weight its putting on my hips/knees/ ankles

I just want to be better, you know?

So I'm doing a "challenge", because they tend to work about half the time (hey, it got me on track before vacation!) and I need some inspiration :-)
So the terms:
-4 weeks
-check in at least twice a week

My goals, between now and November 15 (which ironically is my next trip, to PA, to see my darling friend get married)
1. Hit 2200 Calories burnt a week  (4 times a week)
2. stay within my range at least 5 days a week
3. Eat 5 servings fruits and veggies
4. Try 4 new recipes
5. Limit eating out to one lunch and one dinner a week
6. Limit drinking to twice a week, and dessert (over 100 calories, and that includes eating candy/dessert with lunch or as a snack as well) to once a week

So there we go. Six goals, Check in twice as a week, and hopefully lose at least 4 pounds (and get below 200!) by Nov 15!

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