Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am 8 weeks away from my California trip! I haven't talked about it much (I haven't thought  about it too much, to be honest! Once we booked our flight/hotels, I stopped planning hehe) but I'm so excited. I remember this time last year, when M and I first started to talk about it, I was hoping to be at goal by the time we went.

That obviously hasn't happened :) I didn't really track last week, considering I was probably drinking the majority of my calories in Orange juice, haha. But I still maintained, and felt good about my efforts, for the most part. I was sick after all :)

But going forward I'm back on track, for real (I know, how many times have I said that). I have motivation. I want to look healthy and skinnier for the wedding, and our trip. I want to be able to be on track and feeling good so it's easier for me to make smart decisions and not blow my progress further.

And I want to be a comfortable 14 in whatever dress I buy :)

My arbitrary goal is to be down 10 by the time we go. I think 10 pounds in 8 weeks is reasonable, especially since lately I haven't really been trying haha. But more importantly, I want to try, so at least I can know I gave it my all to get back on track.

So For the next 8 weeks (we leave September 7), I will:
  • Work out 4 times a week (classifying a workout to be at least 300 calories burnt) (So far this week I've worked out twice, with one more planned. But since I'm recovering I'll give myself a break)
  • Track everything
  • Limit my drinking to twice a week. This week I drank Friday and Tuesday (tomorrow)
  • Limit "treats"to two times a week
I'll check in once a week to keep track of my progress :)

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