Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week One (July 12-18)

Complete! I said I have eight weeks till I go to Cali, and I'm sticking with that promise. (what, you thought I'd skimp out on this personal challenge like I have every other one recently? haha)
Check out my page for a recap, but to give you a visual:

 Considering I tracked everything I could, then I think those results aren't too shabby :)

I did gain today, (205.4) but I slightly expected it with Tuesday and Friday being super over, and getting back into really working out again. It's ok, I know if I keep it up, I'll lose :)

The concert was a lot of fun, but all the next day I had a blocked ear, which was annoying. And I was exhausted from being up so late. But I ate/drank more than I should have, so I forced myself to do a video Wednesday night, which is a step in the right direction:)

I have a quiet weekend ahead. M is committed to seeing the new Batman no matter what, and I'm babysitting both nights at least a little bit, so we gotta make that work. It'll be a light drinking weekend, which will be good for me. Lots of cleaning, organizing (I hope), and workouts. It's supposed to be beautiful so I hope to get at least one run in, and a good strength/cardio workout like I got last Sunday. I really do think that getting those weekend workouts in make all the difference, and helps me set the tone for the week. I was sore Monday/Tuesday, but focused on staying on plan and committing, which is something that's been lacking lately! Honestly, I'm sitting here tonight, watching The Dark Knight with a lovely glass of syrah (which albiet is my second), and I have no cravings. I made a delicious dinner (skinny taste's sausage zucchini boats, made with only one sausage and a TON of veggies) and am just really content. I took a day off today from exercise, but I did take a long walk with a friend at lunch to get some exercise in (and make the wine worth while)

Hopefully, this motivation continues on :)

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