Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Case of the Sickness

So I obviously didn't post this week haha. It was a crazy week. This was my first "quarter end" at my new job, which was pretty crazed but I think overall I did pretty well. (which is positive).

Basically it meant that both before the day off, and after the day off was a mad scramble. I came home from work Monday night and was just a lump on my couch. Thankfully M was understanding :)

Our Fourth was fun, after work on the third, I took a nice walk with my friend to see the tallships (which was a fail, we saw them from the distance but not up close haha), and then meet up with some other friends for a happy hour at Howl at the Moon. It was fun, I was just so drained from work that I didn't make it out very late :-/ I'm getting elderly haha. The next day I sucked it up and got a nice 500 calorie workout in, and then  one of M's friends was having a cookout, so we headed over there. It was a lot of fun, and I could tell the boys were happy M was there, which was really nice to see :) One of our friends just had a baby, and she was so adorable.

It's funny, because I hear from people that holding babies/being around them gives you baby fever. I think I spend too much time baby sitting because she was a total cutie, and I could have held her forever, but I was definitely ok with not having kids afterwards. I'm just not ready for that responsibility haha.It was still nice to go and see everyone we don't get to see a lot :)

We rounded out the night with my parents cookout, which was nice and I could tell my mom appreciated us coming over. It was so weird having a night off mid week, because I was so exhausted by the end of the day, and there was no real relief. I kind of liked it though, it was nice to have a mini break.

So I had these big plans to work out Thursday and Friday, and get a good run in, be all awesome. And then I started to develop chest tightness Thursday. So I took the night to rest, you know be smart. And then Friday it was even worse. So my weekend has been a whole lotta nothing. Except for coughing, I'm doing a lot of coughing. I did drink a little bit last night, which I probably shouldn't have (but I was feeling better last night!) but today I was just as bad, so I'm taking it easy tonight. Lots of mucinex, orange juice, and some nyquill in my future. I'm hoping to shake this by the end of the weekend, and can get back to working out on Monday. It really sucks, because it's not like a head cold or anything where I feel shitty, it's more I'll be fine, and then have a coughing fit. Or even better stand up, and realize that I can't breathe and get all lightheaded. So working out wouldn't be too smart.

I promise to get back on a schedule next week, and actually post :)

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