Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vacationing while being on plan

Not that I know how to do both simultaneously, judging by the massive amount of dominos I ate this weekend. But I mean, in theory,  I know what to do :-)
No, in all honesty, I could have been a lot worse. and I have, believe me. Here is what I did to try and balance the two:

-a TON of walking. When I was abroad, I ate and drank with abandon, and still lost 30 pounds in 4 months my secret? Besides working out consistently (I had a weird schedule, so I had about 2 hours a day to kill while all my friends were still in class. and we didn't really have a lot of homework, so I was bored. A lot. And would go to the gym, or for a run. It was amazing), we walked everywhere. And I really attribute that to most of my weight loss. So this trip, M and I made a point to walk. Friday night we walked in town (about 1.5 miles), Saturday we went outlet shopping, and Sunday we walked around town. Not too much walking, I wish we had done more, but hey, it's something!

-Get a workout in wherever possible. Friday morning before we left, I made a point to go to the gym for a half hour. I burnt 450 calories, which helped me stay in my range for the day :-) It also made me feel great starting my day out too, which was just a bonus. While there, M and I made great use of the pool, and did a bunch of laps. I didn't count it (I honestly don't know how long we were in there for either day) but I know it counts for something, right?

-Try and follow portion control. Key work try, haha. I won't lie, I could have definetly done better with this, but I did try. I only ate 3/4 of my burger, and half my fries Friday night. Saturday I split my sandwich with Matt. We went overboard for dinner, but I was also drunk, and normally don't eat when I'm drunk for that exact reason haha. All in all, I'd give myself a C, because even through the bad choices, I still was conscious of what I was doing.

-Enjoying yourself in moderation. This trip was a beer trip, I'll admit that. And it's not easy to moderate yourself at a beer fest :-) but sometimes, you have to live your life :-) And Friday night, while we went out drinking, we didn't go overboard, mainly because we didn't want to be hungover for the festival, but hey, it works for my weight loss too!

-Stay Active. And not just in the workout sense. I wish I had planned something for Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning, just because one of my favorite parts of our Portland trip was  the little sightseeing things we did. Like going to the wildlife reserve (which was huge and an awesome workout walking around. Helped me work off my hangover!). We had talked of walking along the coastline, but it was chilly and we were both tired. Next trip we take, I'll definetly plan something extra to keep us going!

All in all, it was a great weekend. Really relaxing, a lot of fun, and exactly what I wanted for my birthday. I wish the fest was on my actual birthday, but hey, whatever. It's funny, because I love my birthday, but this year, I think with all the stress and anxiety of moving out and money and just everything that's gone on lately, I'm just not feeling it. Maybe I'm getting old (yuck). Either way I plan on having a nice weekend, brunch with my sisters, out with friends, and then delicious southern BBQ with M on Sunday, for the actual day. Yum! It's probably what I'm looking forward to the most, haha. I also want to hike this weekend, which is equally exciting ;-), hopefully we can do it a few more times before it gets truly cold outside, you know?

Anyways, nothing really else is new in my life, besides my current infatuation with the Hunger Games. I'm on book 3, 80 pages from the end, and it's seriously how sad how much I love these books. They are amazing and fantastic and beautiful all in one. Which is rare to find these days :-) I won't lie, book two made me cry and I have been so sad reading book 3. It's been a long time since a book affected me this way, and I kind of love it :-) And can't wait for the movie! I love the casting, and have really high hopes, so hopefully it will fill them, right?

Either way, I need to finish this book. The past two nights have been sleepless, because I stay up reading, and then am all jittery because I am so enthralled in reading it. It's not good, not good at all :-)

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