Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Have No Defense

For not posting before now. None whatsoever. It's been crazy busy at work, and my life has been pretty boring recently. I've also been slightly freaked out with the whole moving out of my parents house for the first time since I was in a dorm in college thing. And the fact that my roommate is my boyfriend. Scary stuff, my friends. Scary stuff. I don't do well with change, I am a creature of habit. I want to do something new, I condition myself into it until a reach a point where it becomes my new normal. My friend R and I went to dinner (ok apps and margaritas but whatever) on sunday, and she told me that she's always so impressed with how well I plan ahead for things. It's not an accident, I get scared and nervous when things aren't planned. When I don't have a precedent to go by, or an idea of what is going to happen. So I plan the shit out of everything to account for this. It's my way. But I can't really plan for an apartment. I've lived in dorms, but never by myself, so besides bills, I don't know what to expect. And that is super scary

like this!
 So Here's a Little Life Update For Ya:
  • I had a killer workout on Sunday at the gym. Eliptical, weights, abs. It was great. Sadly, I sucked the rest of this week, and that was my only real activity (besides walking toby). Thankfully, I've been a ball of nerves/not feeling my best, so I haven't really eaten a lot either. I plan on going to the gym tonight, so at least I get in two times, right?
  • I blame a lot of my nerves/stress/lack of gymtime on my work lately. I've been bringing stuff home, working late, and it sucks. It also keeps me from hitting up the gym , because by the time I leave work I'm tired, and hungry. I need to stop making excuses, but there you have it. Next week will be better, I need this long weekend badly!
  • As I said, my eating has been pretty good lately. I've pretracked a ton, limited my drinks, and even though I have indulged a bit (my latest thing has been pasteries for breakfast. Like what marie?) I try and make it so it's not a terrible thing (half a muffin and a banana, or a small donut. Totally doable)
  • My weekend will be spent hiking, drinking, and apartment shopping. I love all those things! So excited! Plus the sisters are home, which is equally exciting.

  • I hate how hard it is to workout in the am. It stinks, but especially with working so much, and how damn busy I've been, I haven't had as much motivation/time to workout after work. Something always seems to come up! I am going to make it a priority though, and especially when I move out, and have my own space, waking up early to walk (I have a pond and the arboretum within a 10 minute walk of me), run, or do a video, I have no excuses!. Especially where M is normally up earlier for work anyways :-) I hope to walk tomorrow morning. I seriously could have done it today, it was just so cold, and my bed was so damn warm :-(
  • I peeked today, and saw a really good number :-)
A Good Ol Fashion Life Plan
(for the next week anyways)
-Gym tonight, Hiking saturday (yay!), gym Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
-Attempt to get up early to workout tomorrow, and at least 1 time next week
-Just because it's a holiday weekend doesn't mean I have to treat it like a holiday eating wise :-)

Aand go!

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  1. Good luck! And good for you for tracking everything in life that you can! That helps!