Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 40

And I'm down 37 pounds. I "maintained" the past two weeks.

When I say Maintained, I mean I didn't WI on the Friday, but instead during the week, and estimated that I didn't gain, or lose. Sigh. I know. That's not "WW". But for me, It was the holidays, I knew I was indulging in food and alcohol more than I normally do, (but I definitely was smart and didn't over indulge) I think it's ok to take off a few weeks. For me, It's fucking hard to constantly focus on being good, and if I tell myself I'm going to be good, especially during the holidays, I tend to mess up more than I normally would. So I let myself breathe a little bit.

And I'm totally fine with that.

So a recap:
  • Christmas was fun. I indulged, but I watched myself. I focued on veggies and portions. And I'm proud of myself for that. :-) Did I drink? Hell yes I did, but not overly.
  • New Years: I drank, but I watched my eating :-) Give a little, take a little right? Thursday night after work we all went to a piano bar downtown for Dukes Bday. we danced, we drank (too much. I spent wayy too much money), and I ate McDs went I went home. But I split a 2 burger meal with M, and I bearly ate dinner. New Years Eve I honestly don't know how much I drank, but hey, it's new years :-) I had a ball at the party I was at, and had a delicious hangover lunch of frozen pizza, chicken fingers, and french bread with cheese
  • Sunday M and I celebrated our  3 year anniversary our way. No fancy dinner, no extra gifts, just spending a great day together, drinking good beer, eating some food, watching sports :-) It was a great day together
Monday Morning I brought myself back OP.  I watched my eating, portions, and focused on working out. I only got in 2 workouts but both of them were great, and I was exhausted afterwards. I also didn't drink at all, and got in all my water, and most of my GHGs

And it worked, I was down 2.5 this week!

A week from Tuesday is my gall bladder surgery. I'm nervous, but also excited not to have redic indigestion, and a week off to just relax. I plan on renting a million movies, and vegging to the extreme.

Because of this, I am going to be OP all week, taking it day by day. I plan on going to the gym Sunday Wednesday and maybe thursday, and then doing a video Monday night (and thursday if I'm too sore from the gym on Wednesday) I have a plan, and I'm going to stick with it!

Next Friday M got us tickets to the beer summit in Boston, I'm so excited!! Its going to be a great way to relax, start off my time off, and I've never been to this one before, so I hope its good!!

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