Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Falling out of my routine

I miss the days where I liked snow days

How lame is that? I've managed to maintain a routine on the weekends: Sleep in, relax, eat a larger lunch, workout (at least one day), a smaller dinner. Relax. Repeat.

Today I woke up to 10 inches of snow on the ground, white out conditions, and a text from my boss saying the office wouldn't be open till one. I burnt 400 calories shoveling (Thank you HRM!) and had a decent sized breakfast., Good so far right?

I was angry that I had to work, so I got myself a caramel iced latte. Then I came home, and was like "fuck it, I';m tired, its gross out, I'm not going to work out"

Then, my family caused some drama, so I had a beer, and then my sister made delicious cookies, so I had to have one of those (with some ice cream...)

And now I just feel gross. It makes me so angry. Why is it that I can't just be good, follow my plan, and not let personal stress/boredom get to me?

The drama was food related, of course. Part of the reason we're all "larger" is due to the way we were fed growing up.

My parents were never the type to let us eat take out all the time. Even now looking back, sure we had fast food pretty frequently, but the majority of our meals were home cooked, a meat, a starch and a veggie. We are a VERY irish family, so it was a lot of lamb, roasts, chicken, potatoes, etc. Which is good. Our issue has never been the nutrition side of meals (I mean, yes growing up we had a lot of junk, but it was all snack food). The issue has always been portions, which I can say hands down is the thing I have the biggest issue with on weight watchers. So all my family (besides my father) is or has been on WW. All my sisters have lost a considerable amount of weight, but two of them have admitted to getting a little too obsessed about it, to the point of anorexia. My third sister is currently pretty scary with her eating habits. She also has a habit of judging us for eating not so healthy things sometimes, and tonight was no exception.

My youngest sister cooked a shepherds pie, and my dad asked for two helpings, and my sister basically told him he should be fine with one serving, which caused some issues (which I understand, if you are worried about someones weight, you say it to them at a chosen time, not when serving them dinnre and making them feel bad about it). Then she told my mother she is in a downwards spiral because she wasn't satisfied with one 6 point serving. It was so frustrating, because no matter how many ways I explained ot my sister that it's hurtful to treat others like that, and judge their eating habits, and that her eating habits weren't exactly healthy, and we are all worried about her.

It majorly stressed me out, and I'd be lying if I didn't take solace in dessert and beer :-( Ahh well ,move on, tomorrows a new day, and I'm definetly going to the gym after my pretest tomorrow, that's for sure

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  1. Im feeling like you right now. Im bummed about snow, skipping workout & eating like crap. Heres to both of us finding our way to the light tomorrow!