Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Promises to Myself for the New Year

So this morning I realized I had forgotten my water bottle, and I only have a ten dollar bill on me. So I stop at dunkin donuts on the way to work. and I decide that I'll save myself a stop tonight and just get the dunkachino I've been promising myself now, instead of late.

I wanted one on monday, but since I had a mini binge on chocolate, I resisted
I wanted one on Tuesday, but since I was drinking, I resisted, and said Wednesday I could get one.

Unfortunetly, I slipped up and ordered a donut too, not even thinking. Back to my ways.

17 points later, I don't feel great about my choice. I shoulda stuck with teh dunkachino and my oatmeal.

Which got me thinking- Why? Why do I do this to myself? Why can't I indulge in one thing without completely throwing caution to the wind? Why Why Why?

My sister, when she was losing her weight, did a thing where every week she put together a baggie of candy, cookies, whatever she was craving during the week, and would let herself splurge normally one day a week by eating that baggie.

I need my own version of a baggie

The thing is, I'm great with planning ahead, being good with my meals. Last night I needed dinner in a pinch, and we were at the bar. I ordered a turkey burger and sweet potato fries. I gave M 3/4 of my fries, and enjoyed the burger, whcih I clocked in at around 11 points (the pattie wasn't too large, and the roll was fresh but not buttered or cooked, which was great.) I know past Marie would have eating everything on that plate, with no problem. Yes I ate the whole burger, but I cut out a lot of points by giving M the majority of my fries. And a turkey burger was definitely a smarter choice than other things on that menu. I had a beer and  a half, and only ended up over my dailies by 3.

So These are my promises to myself for the new year. This is my planning ahead, my way of making it work for me. I am going to update my challenge page, with the Memorial day challenge from the boards, and This personal Challenge.

  • Work out 3X a week, minimum. Unless I'm sick. Even if it's just a walk.
  • Indulge no more than 3X a week. Definition of Indulge (for my purposes): More than 1 alcoholic drink, candy/chocolate/ice cream/dessert worth more than 4 points.
  • Fall back into the C25K plan. I fell off the wagon after the 5K, I want to get back up the the 3 miles I was doing, and be able to do them without stopping more than 3X
  • Focus on getting in one GHG a week. (obviously get the others in too, but have one be the primary focus, finding new ways to incorporate it into my eating habits. I did this last month, and it really helped me get in the dairy and oil ones, my hardest)
  • Track everything. Even if it sucks
Lets see how we do!!

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