Monday, January 31, 2011

Jumping back on board

So I'm back to a normal life, unfortunetly :-( I went back to work last Tuesday, so this is my first full week back. The first few days were rough. It's slow here so time has been dragging by. Not to mention that all last week I was still pretty sore, and couldn't take the percocet anymore. But the tylenol did it's thing, so we evened out in the end :-)

I went back to tracking on Tuesday, my week was pretty decent. Could have been better, could have been worse. I didn't drink at all this week, which is good, but I had dessert almost every night (ok, every night), and my goal is to cut that down to 3X a week. They were modest desserts, but desserts all the same. I also snacked too much, and gave into temptation (in the form of chocolate donuts, chocolate chip cookies, etc). That said, my breakfast and lunch has been OP, and dinners last week were healthy shepherd's pie, skinny sloppy joes, roast chicken, and thin crust pizza. All of which we're paired with veggies, and were completely within my points range.

All this culminated into a .6 loss on Friday. I was hoping to hit my 40 pound mark this week, but ahh well, a loss is a loss, right?

Moving onto the new week (which ends Friday), I had some good and bad:
The BAD:
  • I didn't eat a whole lot of Friday,which led me to indulge in FOUR slices of pizza.I was too full after that, and definitely regretted that decision. I told M to stop me next time, instead of encouraging my decision
  • Also on Friday I was all moody after work, and stopped for a coffee to wake me up. Of course I decided that I needed a cookie too. Blech
  • I planned on keeping Saturday low key, and it was, but I made the mistake of bringing wine to my friend's place, and having about 3 glasses. When we got to the bar, I kept my drink order to 2 (one mixed one beer), and was pretty sober by the time we left. But I wish I had just brought a beer with me to J's instead of wine. I'll learn :-)
  • I didn't start my workouts as planned yesterday, but I wasn't feeling great, and am a bit scared to over do it, so I wanted to wait until after my doctor's appointment today to get full clearance.
and now, the Good!:
  • I had an awesome healthy fajita stir fry for lunch on Saturday. It ended up being about 15 points (for the sour cream, fajita chicken, tortillas and rice) but I was so full I only had a sloppy joe (7 points+) for dinner. Which left tons of room for drinks. I didn't meet my GHG's, but I got far more than I normally would have on a saturday.
  • I kept myself to 3 beers on Friday night. M and I stayed low key and watched Modern Family :-)
  • I tracked everything this weekend. Even the bad stuff
And I still have some weeklies left, which I don't plan on using. I have a low key week planned, we're getting ANOTHER snow storm Tuesday-Wednesday (blech!) . M and I are planning on going to the movies Tuesday night, so let's hope this storm is a dud. Sadly, they have been on target with the forcast this season, so we'll see :-( I'm so tired of snow.

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