Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This was my Wednesday night :-)

Let me explain:
I had my gall bladder out yesterday. Months of tests, doctors appointments, and chest pain led up to the decision that because my gall bladder was performing at less than 5%. I should have my gall bladder removed, which will take care of all the indigestion, chest pressure, and gastro issues. So yesterday morning I was down at the carney hospital at 630 am for preop. The entire surgery was done by 10, and I was awake by 1015. I have to say, after weeks of hearing  how they make sure your comfortable, and the pain is so much better with the laproscopic surgery than when they used to cut you open, etc.

it fucking hurt. a lot.

I would say the care was, mixed. I had some great nurses and CNAs. Very attentive, made sure I got my meds ontime, friendly, made me feel comfortable.

But, there were also a few issues.
-When I first got my room, it took an hour for me to get my water. I assume it was the chaos of me getting settled, etc. But then I complained that the pain hadnt gone away with the morphine, and the nurse refused to give me more, and told me to "wait it out". Excuse me, I'm not asking to over medicate, but they inject it into you, it should hit right away, if I'm having trouble breathing the pain is so bad, you should do more than tell me to 'wait it out'

Thankfully, that nurses aide left at 330, and  a new group came on, with a nurse who was completely on top of giving me my meds on time (she switched me to percocet, which lasted for the full four hours, and helped with my discomfort a TON), and making sure I was ok.

My other issue"
- After 11 a new group came on. They were not so into the whole making sure I was getting the medicine on time, so I had to ask for it, every 4-5 hours. At 6 they came around to do my vitals, and I asked the CNA to see if I was due (I knew I was). At 630 I called again to see if she had checked, and to get help with going to the bathroom. she "hadn't even had a chance to ask about me yet". great. So at 7, I still hadn't heard anything, and at this point my pain level was up to a 7-8. I called the CNA again. They had switched at 7, and the initial CNA hadn;'t even put my question in, so after another 20 minutes the nurse did come around with my meds. I was crying because of the pain asking why I had to wait an hour and a half for this, she responded that she just got on. And I kjnow, it's not her fault. The initial CNA was just plain lazy. I called in the middle of the night, and she repsonded asking what was wrong over the intercom, to make sure it was actually important. Not a fan, at all.

Other than that my experience was pretty positiive. I was given a roomate at around 6, a screaming vietnamese woman who didn't speak english, and whose son didn't either, but had no problem yelling at her in vietnamese. I was irritated, as I was so tired and dizzy, I just wanted to sleep.

So now I'm home, and I honestly feel a whole lot better to be home in my basement, watching movies haha. i've rented glee and modern family, not to mention A Single Man, Rachel Getting Married, and I'm sure other movies :-)

I am not focused on my WLJ this week either. I have to eat very bland foods, so my giant sundae tonight was coupled wtih a baked potato, with cheese and brocoli, and soup with bread for lunch. Hardly a fattening day :-) And really, what makes you feel better than ice cream, anyways


  1. I'm sorry you had so much trouble with your gall bladder and your after surgery stay. I had my gall bladder out in 2000 and I've never had any other issues since. I think you'll find after you heal that you'll feel so much better. I think I was back to work in a week. Good luck!

  2. That's good to hear Amanda, thanks! Yea I'm starting to feel a lot better today, which is good, so I'm hoping things are turning up!