Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The one bright side of being sick

Is that I have to force myself to eat. My friends came up on Friday night, and we had a blast going out (minus the train being lame and having major delays, making us miss the slutcracker).

We drank instead. A lot. And unfortunetly I woke up saturday morning feeling like this :

also sadly, my friends were up till Sunday, so I couldn't just leave my friends house and go home and sleep. We spent most of saturday watching TV, and went out saturday night, which was really fun although I felt like shit. I didn't drink though, besides a cocktail with dinner and one beer when we got there. After that I didn't want to anymore. I'm happy I didn't, I would have been 10 times sicker Sunday.

Sunday I basically slept all day, yesterday I went into work late, and wish I had just taken the day off, because I was useless. I feel a bit better today, but still have little to no appetite. Which should help with all the food I ate and drinks I drank on friday :-) Now if only I could stop coughing...

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