Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Week!!

So I made a full recovery, although it did take me most of the week :-( I'm still a bit sniffly, but overall I feel a million times better!

I took the weekend off from going out and layed low. Friday morning I maintained at WI, which I expected at least that if not a gain. I took advantage of the fact that by Wednesday I could taste food again, and definitely ate more than I should have. That coupled with the fact that my breathing was still so rotten I couldn't work out, I used up all my weeklies and earned zero APs. Bah to that.

Friday I ate well during the day, and then went shopping with my sister at night. We were both so hungry and we ended up at McDonalds for a happy meal. I felt so gross afterwards, which was cool because it made me not want to indulge in McDs for a while. Shopping adventure was successful however. Which is good :-) And I only went over my dailies by a few, since I didn't drink at all on Friday.

Saturday I relaxed, watched a movie with M (Dinner for Schmucks. It was surprisingly enjoyable, I wasn't expecting it to be!), got panera for lunch which I made smart choices, even though I really wanted a frontega chicken sandwich, I got half of a smokehouse turkey panini and half a french onion soup. Definitely could have been worse.

Then I came home and had cookies (!!!) left over from my sisters baking. badd marie! I ate 10 points worth, and felt so discouraged after. Later on I went to my friends house to build gingerbread houses. It was fun, and we ordered a veggie pizza, which I was starving for and did have 3 slices. But considering they had 5 each (we had 2 pizzas), I didn't indulge as much as I could have. Even though I really wanted another one. They also were drinking peppermint schnapps, which I made into minty chocolate milks, which hurt my stomach after 2. So that definitely kept my drinking down :-(For the best really, they were around 7points a cup.

Sunday I woke up, had some delicious pancakes courtesy of my sister (2 points each, how could I say no?) and a bowl of fresh fruit. Then I helped my mom with the xmas lights, and went to the gym, for the first time in over a week (the last time I worked out was a week ago last Thursday-yikes!) I had taken a weekend off due to some minor knee pain, and then came down with that stupid sickness, so I could bearly breathe all week let alone work out.

It went a lot better than I thought it would!!I was honestly really nervous about running, because I figured my breathing would be all shot still. But I think because I was so focused on my breathing I was able to last pretty well. I did take breaks, just to catch my breath and drink some water, but I did a total of 32 minutes, Warm up 5
Run 10 (with a small break in the middle to catch my breath)
walk 3 (at a fast pace)
Run 10 (with the same small break)
cool down for 5

I then moved onto strength, I did 20 minutes of free weights (squats, lunges, dead lifts, lots of arm moves), and then 15 minutes of nautilus followed by 5 minutes of abs. I was so sore!! Even today my thighs are burning everytime I walk standup, or sitdown. Definitely expected it though.

So my plan for the week (amid christmas shopping, and hanging out)
Today hopefully do a video, work through the pain. I know I'll feel better after
Tomorrow take a rest day, and go to trivia with M!
Wednesday do a video
Thursday gym again
Friday morning do a light gym session
Saturday day off :-)

Merry Christmas!

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