Monday, December 6, 2010

It's the most wonderful time, of the year

So week 35 (today) I maintained. I also have a broken scale. One of the four pegs that hold it steady above the ground fell off a few weeks ago. Which means basically that every time I weigh myself I get a different answer, normally either really low or really high.

So after 10 tries I was either 2 pounds up or 2 down, maintaining is safe :-) I have a feeling when my new scale arrives  I'm going to get an entirely different number entirely, hopefully a good one. I just don't trust this one.

So that's that :-)

It's been ages since I've posted! To be honest, I haven't been in much of a posting mood.  This week has flown, but at the same time It's been blah. Thanksgiving was nice, but quiet. The night before I went out with R and J, which was really fun. And I worked out the morning of. Ok I had a pathetic run and did the eliptical, but hey, I was hungover and felt sick, so go me!

It was nice having a long weekend off, but it went by wayy too fast! Friday M and I stayed in bed late, ate turkey gobblers, went to a beer tasting, and then hung out with friends. It was quiet, but in a good way. Then saturday I worked out and babysat. Sunday I had a great WO session with M, he told me afterwards that he was impressed with how I was pushing myself, which made me happy :-)

During the week I spent most of my time getting aquainted with the new WW plan. So far, I love it :-) I feel like because there are so many more points in a day, that I'm not "wasting" them getting in my oils or dairy. The only part I don't like is how much alcohol has gone up, but I feel like I will be more careful with my day to day eating to make room for a beer here and there :-)

Plus, with so many more dailies and weeklies, it pretty much evens out. I drank both friday and saturday night this past weekend, and still have 27 weeklies left.

the weekend was uneventful,although it made me realize that I'm falling back into the drunk eating spectrum. not fast food or whatever, but friday night I had some leftover chicken and saturday I made myself a sandwich. Sat night I didn't have that much to eat for dinner (just some pizza), but Friday, I wasn't even hungry, I only had it because it was there. That will be something I work on going forward.

I took the weekend off from working out, just because my knee was bothering me, althoguh I did dance on Saturday night. Tongiht I'm back at the gym, so hopefully it goes well.

I'll give a better recap later on in the week. I have some friends coming up to visit on friday, which should be fun, and pointy. hopefully I stay on the wagon!

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