Monday, October 29, 2012

Week Two (Oct 19-25)

I write to you camped out on my couch watching movies (started with Moonrise Kingdom, now were onto  Children Of Men). Looks like Sandy cancelled work for tomorrow too (NYSE is closed, so My investment company is  closed. Love it! The MBTA is closed too, so I really wouldn't have a way to get to work anyways haha) But in all seriousness, hopefully it's just really windy/rainy, and the severe damage is minimal. Matt and I have lasagna and cookies baked, and pork chops defrosted (the power seems to be staying on for the moment now) and lots of wine, cheese and crackers, and, in case the power goes out, yahtzee :) We are ready!

So first , a recap. I was up this week (204.8 eww), but I attribute that to my lack of effort, the crazy weather, and the birthday festivities. I think I limited the damage as much as I could as well, which I will give myself. I still need to do better though. I drank a lot this week, but I have tracked everything, and with all my activity points, I'm only under by 2 (before the wine tonight...).

Sigh. It's hard to eat right, isn't it? I weigh in on Thursday, and am going to try and do the best I can until then, and really make the effort next week. limited drinking, eating healthy, and working out (although that wasn't an area I struggled with this week).

1. Hit 2200 Calories burnt a week  (4 times a week): 2642
2. stay within my range at least 5 days a week.I rode the struggle bus with this
3. Eat 5 servings fruits and veggies Did ok with this
4. Try 4 new recipes - 1. Buffalo chicken potato skin
5. Limit eating out to one lunch and one dinner a week Ate out 2 dinners and 2 lunches
6. Limit drinking to twice a week, and dessert (over 100 calories, and that includes eating candy/dessert with lunch or as a snack as well) to once a week- ugh, drank Thursday, Friday, Tuesday

Sigh. This week really hasn't been much better, but there is still time. I'm hoping to get at least one more workout in this week (to bring me to 4) and focus on health Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. I'm moving my weigh ins back to Fridays, to limit my thursday night drinkings. Hopefully that makes a difference in keeping me in control :)

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