Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Birthday Dillemma

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that holidays are the hardest to maneuver. Mainly because you have to decide how to handle it. Do I go crazy, because it's just one day? Or do you try and stay in control, because it's just one day? See what happens? haha

My biggest problem, is that I totally allow taking that one day off to splurge to completely derail me, and then three weeks later, I'm left with some decision making and ideas on how I let myself fall off so terribly.

So this year, I had every intention to be good. Go out, not over drink, eat pretty well, etc, etc. And honestly, I didn't do badly. I only had 4 beers throughout the night (and mainly stuck to shots haha), and tracked everything.

But I was still left with a feeling of disappointment come Monday morning. Even though, I didn't do badly, I wasn't great, and I finally admitted to myself that I don't feel in control. And I honestly haven't in a really long time, probably since last November. I mean feeling in control for more than a week, or two weeks. Long term control, not wondering what I'm going to eat next, or how I sneak XYZ into my day without people seeing it.

So Monday, I made a big decision. Truly, HUGE. For the first time since last spring, I finally admitted that I wasn't in control, and I needed some rules and rigidness in order to truly follow a plan, and stick with it.

So I joined back Weight Watchers. I know, I know, how many times have we been here? I'm not going to bore you with my decision, how I made it, why, blah blah blah. It' works, I know it works, and I need to get serious, for real. I need some type of structure in order to really get on track, and not only make my weight loss goals, but make them last forever.

Sigh. It's not going to be easy, and it means making hard decisions and getting back to making sacrifices. But I know I can do it, and I plan on making it work :) Already since Monday I've felt more in control and more like my old self then I have in awhile. Hopefully we can make it stick.

Oh yea, my birthday was a lot of fun :-) Definitely one of my better ones. No drama, just a lot of friends having a good time, and then Matt took me out for burgers, beers and a movie (Argo, which was fantastic!) for the actual night. Friday we have a super fancy date night to finish celebrating, I can't wait!

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