Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 3 (October 26-Nov 1)

so, this weight loss thing? really hard!

Ok, I'm also not trying enough. This past week I
-worked out (and then overate to make up for it)
-Ate like crap, most days, especially around dinner time
-drank way too much (Friday, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. And not light drinks either)
-Tracked everything (so thats good, right?)
-put myself 44 points in the hole.yikes. And that was after earning 35 activity points Double yikes

Moving on, new week, new start, I'm going to be good this week, I promise! Only drinking a little tomorrow night, working out Friday after work, Sunday afternoon, Tuesday morning, and Thursday morning ,with a smaller workout in there as well, maybe Saturday, or Monday

I'll do my weigh in post tomorrow no matter what, even if its really ugly :-/

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