Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week One

Weight Loss- The scale said up 6... which I don't think is right. So I'm just going to take a pass :)

1. Hit 2200 Calories burnt a week  (4 times a week) -3 times with a whole lotta dancing :). Total Calorie burn- 2244 Just made it!
2. stay within my range at least 5 days a week -eh I could have been better about that
3. Eat 5 servings fruits and veggies- focused on eating fruits/veggies as a snack each day at work, (1 serving) a salad and a side of veggies with dinner (3-4 servings)
4. Try 4 new recipes- no new recipes this week
5. Limit eating out to one lunch and one dinner a week -Ate out lunch on Friday, Lunch on Saturday, and dinner on Saturday. Only one over
6. Limit drinking to twice a week, and dessert (over 100 calories, and that includes eating candy/dessert with lunch or as a snack as well) to once a week- drinks thursday and Friday, with one glass of wine on Tuesday. Dessert I had candy 2X this week. So I definietly could have done better with that.

So I didn't start this challenge until mid week. So I'm giving myself a break, and hoping to do better next week! This weekend I have my birthday celebration (joint with my sister). I'm not building up my birthday this year, so I plan on treating it like any other night, and hopefully staying within my calories :) And of course, lots of working out! Gym tomorrow after work, hiking hopefully Saturday, and gym Tuesday (and I hit the gym today, so I'm already ahead of the game!)

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