Sunday, June 10, 2012

Updates and Exhaustion

so to start my weigh in results for this week:

-1.2 199.4

Not too shabby! Honestly it felt good to see that kind of results, I had a really lazy weekend last weekend, but didn't overeat, and I got a solid workout in on Tuesday, and stayed within my calories for the week (for the most part), and focus on healthy eating. Two weeks in a row, which is pretty damn close to a record with my effort lately.

This week so far has been positive as well. I got out of work early on Friday for a Dr. appointment, and while it took me ages to get home,  I came home and did the 30 day shred, and then went out to the Red Sox game. Saturday I used a groupon I had bought to bring Matt and I kayaking. In addition to it being a ton of fun, it was a great strength workout and I burnt 250 calories. It was a gorgeous day outside, clear, crisp, and the sun was warm. It was "matt day" since we were celebrating his birthday officially, so we went home, showered, relaxed for a few minutes and then headed right back out.

We had a real date night, starting out with Dinner at Penguin Pizza, this cute little bar near Mission Hill, with awesome pizza, and a great beer selection. They also have a rewards program, where you can buy a  "passport" which lists all the beer they have from around the world (and America), and every time you go in you can select a different beer and have them sign off on it. If you try everything on the list, you get a 22oz mug from them to keep there, and get twice the beer for the same price, for life. We don't go there enough for it to actually happen haha but it's still pretty cool :)

We ended up getting jalapeno poppers, and  Large pizza that was half bbq chicken and half goat cheese, peppers and onions, and broccoli. It was perfect :)

We went to another bar up the street from us, to watch the Celtics lose,which was a downer, but overall it was a really nice night.

Today was filled with lots of family time, laundry, and hiking :) I also am proud that while there was a lot of food floating around this weekend, I kept myself within a safe range.

So plan for this week? I'll post my food plan tomorrow, but my workout schedule will hopefully stay like this:

Monday: rest (well needed)
Tuesday: gym
Wednesday rest (no time)
Thursday: gym/ video
Friday- gym/class

I really want to find a class to drop in on this week, try something new. So far I've managed 3 workouts, and am on path for four, which would just be fabulous :) my goal is also to walk to the train in the morning and at night, no more of this bus business, only on rainy days :)

But so far, I'm feeling that "good sore", and am happy that I've stayed on track so far! Fingers crossed!

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