Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Because I need to update more.

1. I maintained last Friday. It was bound to happen, right? I'm over it.

2. I restarted the Couch 2 5K, sort of on a whim. I have only been running 1X per week (doing it on my  terms haha), easing into it so to not upset my hip. And so far, well fingers crossed! I ran two nights ago, 2.3 miles running and walking, and it just felt so good. I missed it so much, and even more importantly, my moods have improved 10 times over haha. I just hope I can keep it up!

3. My eating was eh last weekend. I did ok  Saturday, but sunday was full of cakes and cookies and a whole lotta not working out at all. I hope to change this this coming weekend.

4. Besides my running on Tuesday, a walk on Sunday, and a run last Thursday, I have been one lazy bum. I blame the 90 degree weather. I did get 35 minutes of walking in what feels like 105 degrees with this humidity, so that counts for something, right?

5. As a result of my eh eating and bum status, I gained a whopping 2 pounds this week, bringing me right back up to 202.4. Didn't like seeing that today. At all.  Moving on.

6. Workout plan going forward:
    -Friday- ripped in 30 DVD. No matter what
    -Saturday- a walk, and swimming!
    -Sunday- a hike
    -Tuesday- running
    -Wednesday- off
Sound good! I figure Saturday will be light, since it'll be my first swim in a long time. And by Wednesday, I'm going to want a day off!

7. Tomorrow night I'm grabbing drinks and a movie with two friends (sans men haha) and then Saturday night I'm probably babysitting. A nice, quiet weekend, which is honestly what I want. I've gotten drunk too much lately, and it hurts my weight loss

8. I took a long hard look at my efforts, once again, for the what, millionth time? And I think my drinking has been a big problem of mine. But not the frequency, because honestly, I don't drink more than 2-3 times a week normally. I think I need to cut down on the quantity. Like maybe, let some of the wine stay in the bottle, and instead of having 3-4 beers, have 1-2. I'm planning on focusing the next few weeks on pacing myself, enjoying myself, and not sacrificing myself for the sake of having a good time. Weight loss isn't without sacrifice, and I need to remember that. And I will. Already this week I've restrained myself a few times, which is a start

9. My eating results for the week:

And I feel like I was honest with myself too, although I don't know why the 15th and 16th aren't showing. They are in there at 1566 for Saturday and and 1705 for Sunday

10. So I'm still stagnating and being all wishy washy. I don't want to be! I'm really trying this week, no meals out or holidays (Father's Day did me in) to tempt me with. Sticking to a plan!

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