Thursday, November 8, 2012

Boom Baby

Lots of positives this week:
-This week has looked a LOT better

And that's including the bottle of wine I drank on Tuesday night. I can never stop at one glass, can I?
-I'll get into the details of my week once I do my weigh in, but I had a pretty good week overall. I tracked everything, didn't go crazy with my drinking, (not including that bottle...)
-I also got 3 more workouts in this week. Thanks to my nagging shoulder, I avoided strength this week, and just did cardio Monday/Tuesday(which was fine because Tuesday I had to cut my workout short to vote anyways),  took yesterday off (preplanned rest day) and then got back at it tonight and had a solid workout.
 -Not much up this weekend, babysitting tomorrow and Saturday, lots of cleaning and organizing since we are road tripping to PA next weekend for my friend L's wedding! This is wedding 3/4 this fall!


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