Sunday, November 4, 2012

Setting up Sunday

So my weigh in was up 1.4, to 206.4. Yuck yuck yuck. But It was completely deserved, because I acted like I couldn't have given two craps about losing, which I already went into and am moving on from.

So my plan was to focus on losing, work out Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, and really focus on dieting and eating well.

How have I done so far?
-I didn't work out Friday, I chose to meet with Matt at a bar instead. I know, boo Marie, but to make up for it I made sure I had about 20 weeklies left after Friday, and really tried to restrict a bit. And I think I did pretty well with that.
-I DID workout Saturday, and had a really great workout. 967 burnt, 25 minutes of strength, 40 minutes of pure cardio, it was like old times :-) It really helps to have a great book to read at the gym. My current obsession is this:

I'm actually onto the second in the trilogy, because this was so addictive I couldn't put it down! At first the characters were so frustrating, but I slowly fell in love with them, and their story. I also loved the history part of it, and reading about soviet Russia fascinates me, so I speed through the main part of the book just because I couldn't get over how haunting it was, and kept on reading more. Definitely recommend it if you love a good historical fiction/epic romance.I can't wait to finish the trilogy.

Sadly, since I went to the gym on Saturday, but shoulder has been bugging me. I think its just me working it harder than usual/sleeping on it weird on Friday night. So today Matt and I just took a nice walk (It was gorgeous out here today! Probably one of our last really good fall days :)), and I burnt another 230 calories, so it wasn't a total loss.

As far as the rest of the week, I want to get back into my old ways, of restricting on weekdays and being a bit loose on the weekends. I did well with this on the weekend, so now the real test starts :)

Meal Plan:
M-mini meatballs with spaghetti squash
T- zesty chicken drumsticks, rice, brussel sprouts
W- Turkey burgers, homemade fries, salad
Fri-Out, somewhere cheap and healthy
Breakfast- Overnight Oats! Next week I'm going to buy some cereal, I'm getting a little sick of oatmeal to be honest, haha
Lunches- LO Meatloaf courtesy of Matt's mom, and then Beef Stew!

Workout Schedule-
M- Light Circuit- between 300-400 calories
T-cardio/strength- 700-900 calories
W-off- babysitting
Th- gym-cardio.strength-700-900 calories

So my off days this week are Friday and Wednesday, with a light workout today. I hope to hit around 3000 this week. Get some!

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