Monday, May 28, 2012


Before I update, I want to commemorate the fact that this is my 200th post! I haven't posted much lately, partially because I've been  overwhelmed with starting a new job, and working every day since like February(thanks to babysitting), so when I get home from work, I'm just so drained all I want to do is lie on my couch, not update here or god forbid go for a walk or something, heaven forbid.

I also haven't wanted to sound like a broken record. My weight loss efforts the past few weeks have been plagued by drinks and chocolates brought home from Ireland, and stuff like that. And my lack of working out hasn't helped. But I hit a high 2 weeks ago of 202 (gah. Not so okay), and last week weighed in at 200.4. This week I maintained, but was okay with it.

And this weekend? Well I tracked everything, so thats good. Friday night I planned to go out for a drink or two. Which turned into 6, with no dinner in my stomach. I ate right when I got home at 9, but it was too late haha. The positive of Friday, is I joined the gym up the street from me. Technically , it's a community center, not a gym. But it's literally a 2 minute walk, and has a giant pool. The gym is small, like 6-8 machines and a weights room, but it's workable, and has what I need. Which is good :) I'm hoping to really get into swimming, and signing up for groupon deals I see around for classes, to supplement my workouts. But, I have a decent gym to work out in, that is so close and convienent, I hopefully can stop with the excuses :)

The rest of the weekend was ok as far as my efforts went. Saturday I hiked with Matt and my sisters. It was really hot, and I wanted to die at a few parts. Matt almost did die on the way home, we're thinking he may have had the beginnings of heat stroke. So next time we might not hike when it's that humid outside :) But I burnt 765 calories, and felt good about it all afterwards :)

Last night I went out with Matt and his parents, and then later on with  two of our friends. It was a lot of fun, and during the day I made decent choices, and was just within my calorie limit. With the drinking, I went way over, but kept my wits about me :)

Today was more of the same. Matt got good burgers from the deli and we split one, with some chips on the side :) I may have had some sangria which I probably could have done without, but still ok :-)

So thankfully we have a short week ahead. My plan is to work out tomorrow, and Thursday night.

And also, my meal plan for the (shortened) week. We are using a groupon deal for a date night on Thursday, and then going to a beer fest friday so I'm going out for lunch to this place called Al's. Its a great deal, and I'm getting a large sub and splitting it between lunch and dinner. Otherwise, It should be a good week, and I'm excited to get back into a workout routine :)

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