Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 33, a lowkey weekend, and a pending 5K

Week 33 results- down 1.0! Not too shabby.

I did work hard this week. I ran Friday Sunday Monday and Thursday. I did weights Sunday,and  for almost an hour on Monday. None of my runs were less than 30 minutes (with warm up and cool down) and 2 of them were 40 minutes.

I definitely wish I had done more weights this week, but oh well. Friday, M had a blister and couldn't run, so I felt bad keeping him at the gym for too long. Plus, it was a friday. Sunday I didn't end up at the gym till 345, and by the time I finished my run, it was 440, and I had to be at church at 5. (well I didn't have to, but). Monday I tried to make up for my lack of workout with a heavy one, and I definitely felt it Tuesday and Wednesday, which is why I didn't do anything those two days.

Still, four days of an intense run isn't too shabby :-)

Eating wise, Friday night M and I got a pizza, but it was an individual sized one. So to complement it, we got precooked chicken, cut it up and put it in a light ceasar salad. It was delicious, and the pizza was super thin, and with minimal cheese and sauce so it was more like cheesey bread than anything. Saturday afternoon we went to the fish and chicken (a local place with a huuge menu, for pretty cheap. It reminds me a lot of London/Ireland, because it is the definition of a takeaway), and I saw they opened their new section:

The Healthy Market.
everything in the healthy market was under 500 calories.


I got a turkey burger (380) with cheese, and popchips. All together I think my meal was 11 points, and it was phenomenal. and under 10 bucks. I'm definitely suggesting we do that again :-D

Saturday night I had a bowl of minestrone soup, and had some drunk pizza. but only a slice! and it was small. and i tracked it, so yay for me!

Sunday I worked out, and during the week I focused on heathy eating, with a few minor slip ups. But nothing too awful, just more drinking than I would have liked (I did a wine and chinese night on monday with my friend. not terrible, but still,), and beer on Tuesday (just one!)

So I think 1 lb is well deserved!! Although a piece of my scale broke off, and I noticed that after my results got skewed, so I hope that doesnt mess anything up :-( Im going to have to buy a new one I guess

Coming up I am so excited for this weekend! tonight I'm laying low, watching a movie, and tomorrow I have my first 5K bright and early! I'm very excited/ nervous. I've been training, and can do 3.1 on the treadmill with ease now. Which is great! But I realize an actual course is very different. I'm confident If I allow myself to walk sometimes and run most of it, i'll be fine :-)

Then tomorrow night is date night :-) M has his first saturday off in months (literally), and we are going to this great pizza place, and then for a mini bar crawl, similar to what we did on valentines day. I'm excited :-)

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