Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgivings Eve

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, just because it incorporates so many good things. Relaxing at home with family, eating good food, and no pressure to do anything. Plus my work gives you Thursday and Friday off, which is pretty sweet :-)

So due to the upcoming holidays, I've come up with a game plan :-)
  • I am NOT weighing in this week. My rationale:
    • I weigh in on Friday. I need a new scale and plan on buying one on discount this weekend. Plus, the night before is Thanksgiving. I can be an angel this week, but I know my body, and I know eating a large meal the night before will cause me to gain
  • I am however, tracking on Thanksgiving. Last year, I was half-assing WW, and as a result I didn't lose a whole lot. This year, while I plan on enjoying myself, that doesn't mean I'm going to indulge fully. I didn't track on my birthday just because I knew it would be too hard and I wanted to have fun. Thanksgiving is one of those test holidays. If I can enjoy myself while staying on plan, then I can successfully change my life.
    • Plus, My sister is doing most of the cooking, so most of our food will be pretty healthy.
  • I am working out A lot this week, to know I did my best to stay OP
    • I ran the 5K on saturday (more on that in a bit), I did a video monday night, I am working out at the gym tonight, and plan on doing SOMETHING (either a run or a video) tomorrow morning).
  • While I plan on drinking, I'm sticking to relatively low point drinks, to balance things out :-)
I think that's a pretty good plan, don't you? Holidays are going to happen, and I can't throw caution to the wind. That said I also shouldn't try and be too good. It's a holiday, there is no point in not enjoying myself. I need to find that balance, and I hope I will :-)

Anyways the past week has been pretty good! Friday night I relaxed, Saturday was

The race.

We got there late, like 15 minutes before the start. The place was packed. I found my friend, registered, and got in the line :-) It was nice running with someone, but it was also hard because I was so focused on everything I was feeling, and I couldn't really listen to my ipod as I felt it was rude. which I didn't like.

But it helped me pace a bit better, and feel like less of a failure for hanging in the back. I'd say we walked a total of 5 times over the 3.1 miles. Which isn't bad. And we definitely ran more than we walked.
I did bring a water bottle, but they announced they would have stations every quarter of a mile. Which to me seemed like a lot but I told M and we hid our bottles. They would have weighed us down.

Yea there were two water stations, and the first one was out by the time we got there. That definitely didn't help me at all. 
We made it to the second water station, at that point we had ran about 2.3 miles. We finished the course with a new vigor, and our time was 42.10. My secret goal was under 45, and my outloud goal was under 50, so I was psyched :-)

M and the sisters finished in 32, which was awesome and I was really happy for them. M was so excited and proud of himself, it was nice to see him like that :-)

All in all, it was a lot of fun. I'm definitely waiting a little bit until my next one. I'm going to slowly start to run outside instead of the treadmill as much, to help me for the next race. I'm thinking around St. Patricks day is a good goal :-)

After the race we got breakfast with some friends who cheered us on, and then napped for a bit. I went to see HP7 with a friend, which was phenomenal :-) then I had date night with M, which included going to this adorable little pizza place in kendall square, low lighting nice quiet music, and some of the best pizza everr, we got a  pepper and onion with sausage. Super thin crust not greasy, it was amazing.

After my indigestion started to act up, and I couldn't even enjoy the beer at the Cambridge Brewing Company :-( I am both scared and excited to have my gall bladder out, it just sucks having to suffer like this, and have those pains

After we headed to the field and the people's republik, both are awesome bars. I switched over to my tanqueray seltzers with a splash of cran, and got a little drunk :-) it was a great night

So here's to a great holiday weekend, I'm definitely going to enjoy my time off!

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