Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 32

And I hit 31 pounds down! I was a little bummed (I won't lie) that I lost .5 this week. I was soo good! I tracked everything even when I didn't want to, drank wine instead of beer, and worked out 4 times including 3 gym sessions, Wednesday included running 3 miles! But I keep on reminding myself that a lot of the time my body is behind a week sometimes, and I have the opportunity to work out 5X next week (I may do Fri then Sun-Wed so I can take a break thurs and friday before the race, but I may take tuesday as a rest day instead, well see).

I know that WW tells you to be happy with any losses, and I am. I mean I would much rather lose .5 than gain .5, but I sometimes get frustrated with losing slowly. I still haven't gone down a size (although I can squeeze into a 16, I don't feel comfortable wearing them yet) and just wish I had more steady progress. I also realize that I need to focus on being OP more, because I do slip up sometimes.I think I'm going to focus on being good 85% of the time. Most meals, restrict drinking to 2-3 nights a week (moderately,)and work out even when I "dont feel like it"

I hate that I do that!! Tuesday for example, I didn't work out because I was exhausted. I need to make it more of a priority. Having BF be more health conscious lately has been awesome, because I'm nol onger searching for times and places to work out, he's all about going to the gym friday evenings that we are doing low key things :-)

In addition, just typing Week 32 makes me realize that I've basically lost a pound a week, steadily. Which is AWESOME. And technically I gained 5 pounds and then really got serious about losing, so I was even heavier.

So This weekend I have the opportunity to be OP. Tonight is pizza night, which Im super excited about. And we're working out and then hanging out with friends. Low key.

Then tomorrow I may try and run outside, depending on how I feel. I may use Saturday as a rest day, and run outside on sunday. Tomorrow night I'm going to JD's apartment for a girlsnight. I declined eating out so I can try and be op. It's hard with them because we're big snackers. But I'm going to focus on being good!

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