Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to the grind

After my week and a day off, I am officially back to work today :-( It was apparently rediculous last week, Which makes me feel pretty bad for taking the whole week off just to relax. (my boss had to do mine and her work) But everyone needs a break, and I do feel pretty refreshed, and definitely refocused.

Ok, onwards we go!
I developed a nasty sinus infection on Friday/Saturday( more sat than friday). I haven't worked out since Friday (BF and I went for a hike, it was awesome) and am finally not all congested in the head, but my chest feels awful. I am hoping resting today will help me feel all better tomorrow. Hoping.

I also still went out on Fri/Sat/Sun, although I didn't drink a lot/ at all, which was one benefit of being stuffy. It makes you only  want to drink water and tea. I didn't eat great (who does when they feel sick? my body only wants soup and bad food) , but I definitely could have done worse. Although here is my weekend confession: I had Wendy's Friday night, and Dominos Saturday night. Neither one did I eat crazy amounts of, but it definitely took out a lot of my points. I lived, I learned, I've moved on.

A plus side is from taking it easy these past 2 weeks, I feel like I can start to run again. My knee doesn't hurt like it did before (It does have a nasty bruise which I have no idea where it came from, but no joint/muscle pain), so I feel like I can run without worrying about injury. I am going to start tomorrow, sinus infection permitting :-)

Also good news is at WI last week I dropped .5, which is exciting! I don't think I'll have as good luck this coming week, but you never know!! Being home all last week was tough, I realize when I'm busier I tend to eat a whole lot better, and I snack less. Again, it was one of those, I wasn't awful, but I wasn't great moments. I definitely see the difference in myself from last year ( I used to binge, I'll admit it now), and yesterday I had a "relapse" moment.

I hadn't really eaten a whole lot during the day (mostly because being stuffed up made me feel all nasty) and my mom came home with a giant pack of cookies she got at BJ's. I had 4, 2 at first and 2 after dinner. I was so tempted to reach for more, but I first tracked it, realized I had eaten about 12 points worth and stopped myself. It was so tempting though, and go back to October 09 I definitely would have eaten all the cookies up.

Anyways, hopefully I can get back on the workout wagon, I'm babysitting Friday night and laying low Saturday and sunday, so I'll have plenty of freetime!

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