Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Weekend Recap

So Friday I was down 1.0. which I was ok with, I've learned with my body that the work I do that week doesn't always show up till the week after. So where I was pretty OP these past few weeks, I've had some pretty good WI's.

So this weekend, I enjoyed myself. I didn't track. However, I wouldn't say I fell Off the plan. A few reasons.

1. Besides the shots that were bought for me, I drank my gin seltzer cranberries all night long.
2. I resisted the urge to keep on eating on Friday night. The nachos were delicious and definitely not on plan, but I think I ate a serving.
3. I had one slice of birthday cake, a half a slice of the cake my friend made me, and a slice of teh cake at the engagement party.
4.Lunch I ate a lot, but half my plate was salad, the other half was 1/4 pasta, 1/4 rice and 2 thin chicken slices. Definitely could have been worse.
5. Dinner I only ate half, and I took the bacon off the chicken to make it a little more OP
6. Lunch the next day I went for the greasy Monte Crisco. But I ate 3/4 of it, and really wasn't that hungry the rest of the day.

Overall, I DEFINITELY could have been worse. I watched my portions, and while I think I used up most of my points, I doubt I went over. A large part of me wants to track SO BADLY. But going back now is just going to depress me. IT was my birthday, I had fun. I'm moving on, clean slate monday!

The party itself was awesome!! I was fed shots and got birthday drunk :-) It was a great time to go out with friends, have fun, dance, and just have everyone out with me. Apparently there was some drama and crying, but thankfully it was off my radar, so my birthday wasn't troubled with someone's (no names) drama for a third year. The day itself I went to the engagement party. Which was really nice but I was so hungover. Then I hung out with my sister, went to dinner, etc. After I went to my friend's for cake and a drink, but I was just SO tired, BF and I went back around 1230, and I fell asleep by  130.

The next day we went to the All Star Sandwich Bar, which was fabulous. Best Birthday lunch :-)

Overall I had a great birthday, sadly it's over (that's always the worst part, isn't it?). The great thing about my birthday, is it's the week before halloween, so I now have that to look forward to :-)

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