Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunkissed skin so hot ,we'll melt your popsicles...

I have that line repeating in my head, over and over again.

Sadly the heat is back in Boston. It was so nice out last week, not humid, just... perfect.

I am happy to report that i officially am back OP. I am tracking EVERYTHING (even the not so great stuff), resisting, and focusing on healthy eating and portions. Case in Point. I got home from the gym last night, and dinner was left out (a perk of living at home), chicken and mac and cheese. Back in the day, I probably would have finished off the pot of m&c. Last night I took a chicken breast, and measured out a serving (which was actually kind of a lot), and made some brocolli to keep me full. Such a good dinner, and it was kept under 10 points :-)

Week 19 results (8/13/10)- stayed the same. It was bound to happen eventually, right? I was honestly just happy I maintained. Sadly the rest of that week didn't go so great (there was a donut that was unnecesary, and a very much non measured cup of pasta

I think that was the kick I needed though. My birthday is Oct 23, and I really want to be past my 10% goal (I'm about 6 away now) by then. Preferably by the begining of October.

The Bad:
  • DBF got Wendy's on Saturday night (in his defense, he didn't get to eat dinner, and was starving when I saw him at like 11), so I got a double stack *hangs head in shame*. It was a splurge, but my burger from dinner was so burnt it was unedible, so all i had was salad and green beans. I had to dip into my weeklies, but I was ok with it.
  • That's it!! so long gigantic list of "bad" things from the weekend! :-)
The Good:
  • Ate OP (besides the wendy's) all weekend. I'm talking breakfast lunch and dinner, focusing on points
  • DBF's parents got chinese food, I requested white rice, and ate the beef and veggies, chicken teriyaki and the rice. It was delicious, and a reasonable splurge
  • I have tracked EVERYTHING. Even if I didn't wanna ;-)
That said, my week doesn't end till Friday. I babysat last night, which are normally downfall nights for me. I got a mini pizza from this place near work (seriously the size of a celeste pizza, and so crispy and good!), and had 3 chips ahoy cookies, which is soo much better than my normal splurges.

now, on to activity:
  • DBF was away friday night for the bachelor party, so I went to the gym and completed week 5 day 3. I took a 30 second break at the 10 minute (run) mark, and then kept on going, it felt awesome! I was soo proud of myself afterwards, and monday when I did week 6 day 1, the 5 minutes were like nothing. I do need to update my playlist though, the songs are getting old
  • I hardcore cleaned my room all day saturday. I was sweating up a storm and needed to take water breaks, but my room looks awesome and I felt great for not just sitting around on my off day
  • I am doing a video tonight, and c25k week 6 day 2 on Thursday. hopefully i can get to the gym before the wedding on saturday, if not week 6 will be finished on sunday.
Now for the bad news (and the reason I didn't finish this post yesterday): BF's grandmother died yesterday. He was (is) so upset, and I'm just so sad for him and his family. He is leaving tomorrow night and coming back the 30th, and I just wish I could be there with him. This also means he is missing Tom and Claudia's wedding on Saturday, which stinks because I have to go alone, but more because they are good friends of his, and I know how long he has been looking forward to it. The whole thing just sucks, really bad. I mean I'm going to miss him, but it's more I wish I could physically be there for him while he is dealing with the funeral and aftermath (BF is originally from Scotland, so he is flying there tomorrow night with his mom, and it'll be hard to contact one another). I'm just gonna make sure I am always with my phone these next 12 days, so if he calls or emails I am available for him.

Ah well, here's to better times ahead, right?

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  1. so sorry to hear about your BFs grandmother.

    Looks like you are balancing your activity well with your splurges (sometimes we need those splurges). Way to go on the running, keep up the good work!