Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dealing with Burning out

I feel like everyone at some point has that feeling of burning out. Tired from working out all the time, from eating "heathy" and feeling like your are constantly eating the same foods over and over and over... it gets difficult. I had a two month period where I was totally satisfied with my lunches and dinners, I was good about staying within my points, and not falling off the band wagon. Lately it's been the opposite. I find myself still hungry after meals, I indulge far too much on the weekends, and motivating myself to go to the gym has been a feat in itself. This past weekend this all cumulated. I went away for my friend's bachelorette party. I drank a ton, ate chips dips, pasta, burgers, bagels, you name it. And I felt crummy when I returned, and really pushed myself at the gym. So today I am starting over. I am staying OP for the day, and taking it one day at a time. I'm going to try new foods  (and not just say I'm going to try them), vary my workout schedule, and combat the temptations around me, focus on myself for a change :-)

First things first, my goal of 120 APs by labor day. I am at: 26/120

Week 18 (8/6/10) WI results: down 1.5, which is great, all things considered. I am still loosing, and I honestly have not been terrible, besides this weekend. I just feel a bit burnt out from dieting, and need some type of boost :-)

I have many opportunities to be good this week. Not a whole lot going on,  and next weekend DBF is going away for the bachelor party (whcih is slightly freaking me out. They are going rafting, like we did. And I'm sure they will be fine, but I just worry a bit) so I am going to shop, clean, and work out :-) \

Rafting was ... an experience. To say the least. It was a lot of fun, the only part that really scared me was when we fell off the raft, and I got stuck in teh rapids, they keep pulling you under, it's really tramatizing!  but after that it was a blast, a very good day :-) And night, might I add. yes, I drank a lot, but it was a great night

I'll check in again over the weekend :-)

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  1. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

    I can definitely relate to burn out. I have my moments when I want to quit and I'm sick of counting my calories and sick of working out. One thing I can suggest: take a Rest Day. Or an extra rest day. I work out 5 days a week but sometimes I need that extra day off. Then I feel refreshed.

    Another suggestion would be to change your workout routine. Doing something new can be exciting. :)