Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 17 WI


-1.5, bringing me -17.5 down all together, and into a new decade. Super excited/ motivated. I set a goal for myself to be here by the fourth, so it took me 3 weeks longer to get here, but I still got here. woot woot! I think I need to set more goals, and be more dilligent about following up on those goals, so I will use this blog to do so :-)

This week wasn't great, but I'm going to use that as motivation to be better :-) I only had one beer during the week, which is pretty good if I say so myself :-) I turned down trivia night TWICE, just because I didn't want to spend the money or the calories. Instead I rested, worked out, and spent time with my sisters, which was nice :-) I wish I had more free time to do that, I may start turning down people to spend more time at home, I feel bad that I'm rarely there, but I'm also 22, and after stressing out and working all day, it's nice to relax and watch a movie, or tv show with a friend or my bf :)
The next few weekends are really effing busy for me. This weekend I have a girls night on Saturday where we are going dancing. I plan on pregaming to save money, and drinking low calorie drinks. Sunday is the Arcade Fire concert, which I am pumped for! But that also involves dinner and drinks, it all adds up! money wise and points wise.

I plan on laying low this week, because next weekend is white water rafting for claudia's bachelorette party. I'm excited/ nervous. Excited, because I think the weekend itself will be really fun, and I've never been before. I'm nervous because I've heard horror stories, and that sort of thing scares the shit out of me, to be honest :-) I'm sure it will be fine though, and a ton of fun!

The weekend after that is the boys bachelor party, so DBF will be gone all weekend. Is it bad I'm kinda excited to have a weekend to myself? I plan on working out lots, spending time with my girlfriends and family, and most of all, relaxing 8-)

Then its the wedding, which will be a blast, but I'm nervous for WW wise. It's a cash bar so I can resist drinking a ton, but food may be a problem :)

I'll take each weekend as they come, it's all I can do really, right?

Goals for this week:
- focus on GHG's, something I was lacking these past two weeks
-go Grocery shopping for work, so I can eat more veggies and fruits, less processed junk
-work out 4-5x and go for a walk at least 2x
-portion control!

I am also going to set a goal for myself by labor day, I want to hit my 10% which I am 7.5 pounds away from. Totally doable I think!

I also want to earn 120 AP's

Annddd go!!

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