Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years

I figure New Years is as good of a time as any to join back into the weight watcher world, right?

The facts are, since I blogged regularly, I haven't been very good. BUT I've made steps towards doing better. I have:

-Gotten in the habit of tracking regularly, even when I really didn't want to (cough*christmas*cough)
-Being honest with myself, even if it means going over
-Joining back weight watchers. Because it does work. What doesn't work is me not trying.
-Sucking it up and going to my new doctor about my hip

a little about this. So my last Dr, was all "yep it's bursitis, go see this ortho". Which was fine. I saw the ortho, he took about 10 minutes with me looked at an xray, and then gave me a cortizone shot. Which helped, but that feeling was always in the back, rearing its head pretty much everytime I got comfortable with a workout schedule. Oh, and my favorite part of this whole ordeal was when I asked for some feedback on how to rehab it, what I should do, and should not do, he told me "walk. Don't run anymore"

So 8 months later, it was still going on, and it was so bad one weekend I had to stay in all sunday, lying up on my couch literally feeling like my joints were rubbing together everytime I moved. Which, by the way, is a god. awful. feeling. I cried going to work that monday, and made an appointment with my new doctor, because honestly? I felt like it wasn't fair, and this whole episode was the reason that in 2012 I gained 10 pounds instead of losing them (ok, its 15 I gained) and a big part of that is because when I'm working out regularly, everything else just falls into place for me.

I'm not that girl who can diet and do well  with just that, I HAVE to have some type of exercise involved. I just do, its how I am successful. So first taking 6 weeks off and then having  to work my way back into a schedule only to be constantly sidelined? It totally wore on me. I got depressed and moody, and then getting into it only to be sidelined again and again? It sucked. It was so hard and it made me question whether I could actual do this and lose the rest, you know?

So I went back to my doctor in November. The new doctor. This time? totally different experience. After I told her the whole story, she said "your 25, you shouldn't have bursitis". she recommended I see a different ortho, this time at Beth Israel, and she wanted to make sure I did physical therapy this time, something that honestly I had expected last time, and probably should have asked about.

So this experience with the ortho? totally different. The Xrays were done like before, but this time she spent the better part of an hour having me bend over, sit and stand, move my leg, touching areas and seeing what happened. She frowned when I mentioned my previous experience and told me that at my age, A cortizone shot isn't the best solution, just because of my age, its better to get to the route of the problem over just writing it off. To which I said THANK YOU!

So I started Physical therapy This week. They are focusing on strengthening, and stretching, and a topical electric steroid over the cortisone shot. Already my hip feels ok, (tonight its bothering me). I think just the knowledge that I'm working at strengthening it, helps a lot. So hopefully this won't be a nagging thing in 2013 like it was in 2012.

So thats that. I haven't been great, I recognize that. 2012 was a fantastic year for me. I settled into my home, things with M even with the job sitch are good, and he's in a pretty good place which makes things more positive. I am working a new job at a great company working in the career path I've always wanted, and making more money doing it. I never let myself feel like I  could want more at my last company. I felt like I should count myself lucky to be in a job that I didn't hate. But There were so many ways I was taken advantage of, and the opportunities to advance were slim to none. I wasn't growing there, and at 25 I need to be growing in my job. I don't expect to make the big bucks now, but I do expect to learn and grow in my career, and become successful by working  my way up.

2012 wasn't my year for weight loss. that was 2010 and 2011. I am hoping that 2013 will be. I'm outlying my resolutions in the next few days, and hoping that I stick with them, and can check back more than I did in 2012. I plan on sticking with things in 2013. That's going make it my year.

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